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Discover Indonesia’s Beauty

What appear in mind every time we hear the word culture is a group of people living their life in a same direction inherited by their ancestors. Culture is formed of complex matters including religion, politic system, customs, building, etc. Every country or even a smaller unit of it has its own culture and that makes the amount of culture in world uncountable and unique in its own way. That supposed to answer whenever you wonder what is culture.

Many group of people in this world are still performing their cultures from the ancestors during their special events called culture performance and it is the main attraction of a trip, something appealing in the eyes of most foreignersanddomestic tourists.

Enjoying culture performance which reflects a group of people’s important values could be an unforgettable experience. You could even capture the special moment of it and share what you got with your beloved ones. If you enjoy culture performances and capture the moment of it or interested in doing so, Indonesia is the right destination.

Indonesia had massive amount of population spread all over the country which consists of over thousand islands and each group of people perform their culture differently. These often amazed other countries because Indonesia’s diversity doesn’t break the people apart but quite the contrary, it what makes the people unite –this simply reflects Indonesia’s motto itself which is “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”.This is one of the reasons why tourists are interested in visiting Indonesia.

Wayang is Indonesia’s culture that has gone worldwide. Wayang is an object used to deliver stories since 1500 B.C. usually tell about the story of gods and goddesses, romance, and heroism.  There are several types of wayang and it is named based on the material it was made of; WayangKulit which made out of neats’ leather, WayangKayu which made out of wood and Wayang Orang which the role is played by human.

Another Indonesia’s worldwide culture is Tari Kecak, a dance performance which comes from Bali. TariKecak usually performed during worship ceremony. This dance doesn’t use music instruments as the music background but the combination of the sound “cakcakkecakcakke” produced by the performers and that is why this dance is called TariKecak.

Indonesia serves you more things that are as attractive as the mentioned. You will be greeted by the warmth of Indonesians and it will pleased you. Discover the exciting experience yourselves!